About Us


Sixty-five years ago, Mr. Bunji Hibiki invented a special barbecue sauce at his traditional Japanese yakitori restaurant in the suburbs of Tokyo. Because of its delicious taste, the barbecue sauce soon became a local specialty due to its popularity Today the Hibiki Food Service Group operates fifteen restaurants in Japan with plans for further expansion. Hibiki restaurants are famous for yakitori, Japanese skewered meat and vegetable. In addition to its restaurant business Hibiki also owns bento (Japanese style lunch box business, manufactures seasonings, and runs a food processing factory. However, Hibiki is most famous for its Miso Barbecue Sauce made with elaborate care using special ingredients. This product has earned the Grand Gold Quality Award from Mondo Selection for three consecutive years starting in 2008, marketing the first time in history that a first time contestant with their sauce product won a Grand Gold Quality Award. Hibiki has also been recognized with a superior taste award from iTQi (international taste and quality institute) which is a leading organization of independent chefs and sommeliers. Since 2007, Hibiki started exporting its product to overseas markets, including New York and Shanghai. In 2010, Hibiki expanded to Singapore realizing its dream of entering the ASEAN market.


The Chinese character for food consists of two radicals, one which symbolizes people and the other symbolizes good. We believe the food we provide must be good for one's health. To ensure our food is delicious and healthy, we carefully select high quality ingredients and strictly inspect and record the history of each production. It is because of these efforts that helped Hibiki win the Grand Gold Award three years running from Monde Selection. Our policy at Hibiki is to provide authentic good food for people." ()food = ()people + ()good " We believe that only working together with mutual respect can lead to a life of affluence and happiness.